RC1 Room Controller

HARDWARE / RC1 Room Controller

RC1 roomcontroller

The RC001 is a flexible room controller that is perfect for the controlling and reading of:

  • VAVs with feedback
  • Cool battery
  • Heat battery
  • Ventilators
  • Fire valves
  • Pulsation temperature
  • Extraction temperature
  • Other measurements, as required

This controller communicates through the DIOC protocol with the present building management system. The device is equipped with dip-switches and LEDs, which makes it possible to test the linked devices before the programming is executed.

The roomcontroller can be, on demand of the client, obtained with different functionalities.
For this, we develop a configuration that is specific to the client. This is achievable from 500 pieces.
Image you want a roomcontroller to control 10 convection heaters … this is also possible.