New office Bank Van Breda, Ghent

Touchpanel information :





Technical details :

Glass Touch Panel with 10 touch buttons
Tap detection for quick control
Configurable through DIOC © interface
White LED indication/feedback for each touch button (dimmable)
RGB LED mode indication on glass plate (dimmable, 65636 colors)
Adjustable audible click on actuation
Integrated sensors:
Temperature sensor +/-0.2°C
Relative humidity 0..100%
VOC (air quality)
eCO2 (carbon dioxide) 0..2000 ppm
CO (carbon monoxide) 0..100 ppm
Light 0..50000 LUX
Infrared 0..10000 LUX
– Required voltage supply: 20-24VDC (30VDC Max), 20mA (8mA stand-by)
– Usage: 0,4W max. (0,2W typical)
– Visible dimensions: 87mm * 87mm * 6.7mm
– Recessed depth: 8mm (in standard cavity wall mounting box or mounting box with screw fixing)
– Cabling: 3 wires 0.8mm, no shielding required (eg. SVV / SGG 0.8mm 3 wires or UTP)
Usage temperature 5 .. 40°C
Storage temperature -10..85°C
Relative humidity < 90% (non condensing)
Protection rating IP30 (indoor usage)
When making use of the integrated sensors it is advised to not place the device above or close to a heating
system or places where draught is possible.
Cable entry through wall must be closed off to prevent false measurements through cavity air.