FixSus is the preferred partner of Beckhoff Belgium for building automation, HVAC and energy monitoring. Beckhoff guarantees worldwide universal and open control and automation solutions, ranging from CNC controlled machine tools to intelligent building automation. FixSus has collaborated with Beckhoff to introduce a new form of open intelligent building automation, so that we offer our clients reliable solutions that have total transparency. This is how FixSus guarantees your liberty in the management of your assets.




ePortal energy monitoring wants to guide as many companies as possible to a more energy-efficient business management by making an accessible energy monitoring software available to energy and facility managers, whether within industry or retail. FixSus collaborates with ePortal to give its customers total insight and control about the energy consumption of their buildings. This is how FixSus guarantees maximal control and a minimal energy bill.




VITO (Flemish Organization for Technological Research) is a leading European independent research organization in the field of clean-tech and sustainable development. FixSus collaborates with VITO on different European research projects on sustainable thermal applications for buildings. In particular, the FixSus Trending System enables the user to implement and adjust, within a record time, innovative techniques and algorithms in existing installations. This is how FixSus guarantees realization of maximal energy-saving potential for your buildings.




Hysopt develops unique simulation software for an optimal HVAC design and advises research agencies, installation companies, architects and manufacturers during the optimization of thermal installations. FixSus collaborates with Hysopt to optimize the dimensioning of installations and the impact of innovative control concepts on the eventual performances of the system. This is how FixSus avoids installations that are dimensioned too widely – and how we ensure your costs are kept down.



3E is an engineering office that provides services and software solutions for sustainable energy projects. FixSus collaborates with 3E on the demonstration of a model-based predicting control (MPC) of the hybrid heat pump system in the office building of 3E in Brussels. 3E operates its controls through the FixSus OpenGate protocol. The MPC calculates in real time the optimal set-points. This is how FixSus offers a flexible, affordable and reliable platform for the implementation of innovative HVAC control strategies.


Terra Energy


Terra Energy is an independent, specialized consultation office in renewable (geo)thermal energy systems with a particular expertise in ground (geothermic) energy. FixSus collaborates with Terra Energy in innovative research projects to develop new techniques for earth heat storage that balance the energy consumption between the seasons. This is how FixSus guarantees the lowest energy price for your building, whatever its location.